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Catering Truck TD50SP
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Catering truck is self-containing unit and be mounted on commercial truck chassis and have the necessary provision for lifting and lowering of the van-body by hydraulically scissor mechanism.  During lifting and loading procedure the unit to be stabilized through stabilizer jacks, which are completely welded to the Hi-Lift frame and become part of the Hi-Lift unit.  The unit is designed to interface easily and promptly with aircraft galley door, while providing the maximum safety to the personnel and protection to the aircraft structure.  There are three types to suit for the aircraft with service door heights between 1400-5800mm, thats TD40SP, TD50SP, TD60SP.

Applicable for aircraft

A300A310A318A319A320A330A340A350A380 (MIDDLE LEVEL) B707B727B737B747B757B767B777B787DC8DC91L—181L—62MD11MD80.

Model No.




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